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Curve Crafters: Contour Sewing Club


Elevate Your Sewing Skills

Dates: Every Saturday for Four Weeks
Time: 12 PM – 3 PM

About the Club:
Advance your sewing skills with “Curve Crafters” at Ugochi Iwuaba. This club is tailored for those who have mastered the basics and are ready to explore advanced techniques. From perfecting the fit to intricate garment construction, we help you refine your skills to professional standards.

What You’ll Learn:
– Advanced sewing techniques
– Working with diverse fabrics
– Crafting complex garments like dresses and tailored pants
– Insights into fashion design principles

Project Outcome:
Assemble a sophisticated set of garments, showcasing your refined skills.

Participation Award:
Certificate of Completion & Fashion Design Sketchbook



Why Join Ugochi Iwuaba Sewing Clubs?
– Expert Guidance: Learn from the best at Ugochi Iwuaba.
– Community & Networking: Connect with like-minded fashion enthusiasts.
– Immersive Experience: Be part of Ugochi Iwuaba’s legacy in fashion education.
– Fashion Show Finale: Showcase your creations in our end-of-class fashion show.
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Questions or Inquiries?
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